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Are you looking for an opportunity to start working from home?

Or maybe you’re wanting to add an incredible income stream to your business but not sure how?

Hi I’m Kirsten Thrush and four years ago I was not happy. I was working, had two small children and was competitively bodybuilding. In other words I was burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. I ended up with adrenal fatigue.

While I enjoyed my job and earned good money I did not enjoy having to work certain hours, not being able to go to school excursions and having to put my children into care in the holidays. I had children to enjoy spending time with them, not to palm them off on someone else and not be involved in their everyday lives. I knew that there had to be something more to life.

Around this time I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils. Initially this was to support my body back to health. Before too long I realised that there was a huge business opportunity here and more than the money I was extremely interested in the fact that this could allow me to be there for my children.

I started my business totally from scratch, working it part time around my job and family commitments. After 2.5 years my business had grown to the level where I could say goodbye to working for someone else and I could officially become ‘funemployed’ and live the life I had dreamt of.

Why did I choose to partner with doTERRA?

Owners with absolute integrity who have not taken funding from others and will never go public- they actually care about growers, communities and US the people that promote their products!

They are the largest essential oil company in the world.

Every batch of essentials is tested for purity and quality meaning they are the purest essential oils on the planet.

They offer safe, affordable, effective and natural solutions to empower people with their physical and emotional health.

They are out to make a difference in the world through their co-impact sourcing model and their philanthropic arm, the Healing Hands Foundation.

Their compensation plan is incredibly generous and benefits those that help others to improve their lives physically, emotionally and financially.

They are a part of a trillion dollar wellness industry- people are hungry for natural solutions without side effects

Industry Leading Retention at 65%- this means LONG TERM residual income because we create oily addicts that continue to reorder

There is SO MUCH opportunity with this company with 120+ markets open worldwide, none of which are anywhere close to saturation and won’t be for generations, with new markets opening every year.

What has it meant for me?

I have been able to do SO MUCH MORE than just pay bills with this business. This business has given me time freedom. Time to spend with my children, going to their school excursions, hanging with them on the holidays. It has given me time and money to travel, exploring the world and empowering others to lead a balanced life – physically, emotionally and financially.

Not only that but I’ve created incredibly simple but highly effective resources for others to follow in my footsteps. These will help you whether you just want to supplement your income with an extra few hundred or few thousand a month, or are looking to replace and exceed your existing income, or like me want the time freedom.

Who do you need to be?

So you might be thinking you have to have a million billion followers on instagram and a raging success of a blog, business and marketing experience and already successful elsewhere?

The answer is NO. The very large majority of the most successful people in this business are from extremely varied backgrounds. Most are stay at home mums, some are in retirement, we have teachers, health coaches, massage therapists, engineers, people from retail backgrounds, people from corporate backgrounds and some are people that already run another business and have added this in as an incredible income stream.

What they do all have in common is passion, a desire to make a real difference in peoples lives. They see and believe in the value of these oils and the difference they can make. They do the inner and outer work. They refuse to stay in victim mode and have pity parties. They SHOW UP even when they’re scared and continue to dig deep, get outside their comfort zone and create something mind blowing.

What can I offer?

  • Training and resources to show you the simple, proven, exact steps to creating a successful business
  • Access to our VIP members only support group with training the way you learn best- videos, written documents, simple graphics showing visuals
  • My personal support, inspiration and mentoring
  • An incredible community of like minded people doing extraordinary things to have your back and cheer you on!
  • Access to training and resources from high level leaders from all over Australia and the world who have done what you are looking to do

What is involved?

  • Essential Oils & Products you will absolutely LOVE having and would be buying with or without the business opportunity
  • Choose your level of play, supplement your current income, replace your current income completely or add an income stream to your current business
  • A minimum investment of at least 10-15 hours a week, or more if you have goals you want to achieve faster
  • A passion for wellness and helping others
  • You are willing to learn and then to teach what you learn to others
  • A solution driven attitude, you are absolutely willing to jump in and give things a go, feel the fear and do it anyway, try new things and consistently show up and work on your mindset and personal growth
  • You are ready to step out of your comfort zone, stop making excuses, take full personal responsibility for your life and choices and take massive action!
  • You are resilient and when you get knocked down you get straight back up and give it another go
  • You are able to invest in your starter kit (most popular are Home Essentials, Nature’s Solutions and Oil Sharing Kits- these include the most savings BELOW wholesale prices and waive the $35 membership fee) or pay the $35 and create your own kit

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I am looking to invest my time, resources and energy into the right person and have some very limited spots available right now to work one on one and help you launch your business.

Please fill in the form below to apply to work with me.

I would absolutely love the opportunity work with you. I absolutely THRIVE on helping others bring balance back to their lives – physically, emotionally and financially.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kirsten Thrush