My amazing essential oils team has recently expanded into a new level within doTERRA. We became a Platinum team.

This was a great achievement. It was the result of many working together as a team, yet carrying out their business in their own unique way. For in our team there is no cookie cutter way.

My mentoring is about supporting my amazing colleagues where they are at. It is about focusing on their strengths and where they excel. It is about asking what can they do amazingly well, not just fitting them into a system that is not for them.

Our team is all about Balance in all things – business, family, fun, self care. If a business advancement comes at a big cost to other areas it is just not worth it.

Having come from a history of adrenal fatigue and burnout I am not going there again and never want my team to go there either.

I am a super passionate person, who likes to see the big picture and maximise on individual strengths. This is what I bring to my team as a leader.

You will be hearing more from me in the future about to build a sustainable, progressive doTERRA business that focuses on going slow to go fast.

If you would like to have more balance in your life, more time freedom, more financial freedom and you want to do so in a way that is balanced and focuses on your strengths then I would love to support you to do so.

This is not about me making you someone else. I am here to support you to grow how you want to grow and to be your own unique self.

We have an amazing vehicle in doTERRA for doing this.

Reach out today and ask about how you can get started. I am here for you to help you in your own unique way.

If this sounds like something you, click on this link and complete the form to apply to join my amazing team, building your own business and living the life of your dreams. Or if you prefer just contact me and we can chat.