For those who follow my Facebook page, Essential Life Balance, you will know that I have recently got back from an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING trip to America.

While the initial impetus for the trip was to attend Global convention, this turned to a fabulous 3.5 week family holiday! During that time we went to a Baseball game (we are a baseball mad family), Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Yosemite and so much more!

I am incredibly grateful that doTERRA came into our lives and made this all possible.  Mot only was Global Convention the catalyst, this amazing holiday was totally funded from my doTERRA income.

The oils were also a huge support while we were travelling for many things. These are some of the products we used and what for.

Lifelong Vitality (LLV) Supplements – these helped me to be energised and to sleep well. I also believe that taking these helped to dramatically lessen jet lag effects.

Balance – this was liberally applied after flights to help me ground and be in the present time zone, making jet lag less significant

OnGuard – planes are germ cans!!! I used this liberally on the plane to help support my immune system and ward off others bugs.

Easy Air – living in close quarters for the time we were there snoring would have kept everyone awake… Easy Air was applied to the pillows of the usual suspects to keep the noises away.

Lavender – this was our oil for sleep, to ensure we were bright eyed and bushy tailed the following day. Sleeping in strange places does not always go well but we had great nights sleep.

Terra Armour – this natural insect repellent is the bomb!!! As we spent a lot of time hanging out in national parks this came in handy.

Ice Blue – Many days we walked over 20,000 steps. Our legs certainly felt this! Ice Blue rubbed into calves helped to ease the discomfort and ensure we were always ready to see the next sight.

I am so grateful for the natural products I have to support me and my family both at home and while travelling.

If you would like to start your own essential oils journey we have various starter kits available on the shop page (including payment plans) or contact me for more information.