These are some of my favourite doTERRA products for supporting me to exercise

Ice Blue Rub

In the last few months I have been getting back into a regular gym routine and loving it. I have been asked what am I training for?

I am doing this for me, rather than for the competition stage or for a particular look. Rather I want to be fit and healthy to enjoy life.

I am loving the endorphins created (think happy hormones) when I exercise and the feeling of getting fitter.

With this however does come a few aches and pains. My muscles remembering what to do. My muscles breaking down so that they can rebuild stronger.

I love that I have great tools in my toolbox to help support my body in dealing with this.

My favourite for aches and pains is the Ice Blue Rub. I love to use this prior to exercise to warm up my muscles and to lessen the soreness after.  I then use it again afterwards to soothe any aches and pains.


Oh my gosh, training at the gym in the summer is hot work!!! I become a hot sweaty mess pretty quick!!

I am so grateful for my peppermint essential oil to cool me down!

In my gym bag is a spray bottle with 5 drops peppermint then filled with water. I use this to spritz my face, chest and back of neck for an instant cool down.

An added bonus is that it also energises me for an awesome workout!

Easy Air

Who is with me and thinks that the rowing machine is pure evil?? Invented to go in some torture chamber?

Yes I love that it helps my cardio fitness but I must admit it is not my favourite piece of equipment.

What I do find is if before I go on said torture device I have a big sniff out of my easy air bottle it helps to open my airways which makes breathing so much easier.

Another way you can use this is dilute it in carrier oil in a roller and roll onto your chest to help to open the airways.

When we breathe better we exercise more efficiently and do not feel like we are dying quite the same.


Exercise and Essential Oils

Does the idea of manky gym equipment covered in other peoples sweat really put you off going to the gym?

Well, doTERRA has a solution for you!

Meet lemon oil, wonderful at cutting through odours as well as grease and grime.

Team him with some Tea Tree or On Guard to kill the greeblies.

What I love to do is to put 5 drops each of Lemon, Tea Tree and OnGuard in a 30ml spray bottle and fill with water.

I can then spray this on gym equipment, wipe down with a towel and know that I am not going to catch anything from the previous users.


It’s the end of the week and the thought of getting out of bed and heading to the gym first thing just doesn’t rock your boat… what do you do?

This is when I reach for my motivate touch roller.

I liberally roll onto my wrists and deeply inhale. I then roll on my neck and over my heart.

This beauty starts to weave its magic and within moments I am ready to go.

Motivate is great for when you know you need to do something and just need that gentle nudge (or kick up the butt) to just go do it!!

If you would like to introduce these essential oils into your fitness regime please visit my shop or contact me to help you get started with what is perfect for you.

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