Are you wanting to release weight?  Do you want to support your body to do so?

I have been thinking for a while it was about time to release the excess, release that which doesn’t serve me. I don’t like to talk about losing weight as what we lose we find again!! Release it though and it is gone forever.

At global convention this year we were introduced to two new products that support our metabolic system – Yarrow/Pom and Tumeric. The science talked about on these was exciting. It was discussed that normal fat cells have certain markers when they are in balance and that obese fat cells the markers are switched.  In obesity yarrow/Pom can help normalise this balance of metabolic processes.

My brain started ticking… this sounded interesting, but I was not yet ready to say yes I am all in.

A week later we were on a family holiday and decided to do a ‘short’ walk down into the Grand Canyon.  The first part down to Ooh Aah point was easy, it was all downhill.

Then we turned around… it was all up hill. I was huffing and puffing and had to stop often. I felt terrible. I used to be so fit. What had happened? At the top of that walk I made a decision, it was time. Time to release the weight that did not serve me and time to get fit again. Fit not for a banging body, but fit for life, fit to go adventuring with my family without carrying around excess.

I decided that doTERRA had handed me some awesome tools to support me in doing this and I would use them along with the other tools available to me.

For the last two weeks since I have been home I have been having two drops each of Yarrow/Pom and Tumeric in a vege cap twice daily with a large glass of water. I have joined a gym and am doing a very basic weights programme for half an hour three times a week. I am being mindful around what I eat but not strict.  I enjoy food and wine and do not plan to deprive myself. I had enough of that during my body building days.

So far I have released 5kg of weight that does not serve me. I am feeling fantastic. A bonus side effect is I have had no muscle soreness from the weight training. I contribute this to the essential oils I am using which are supporting me on a cellular level.

This is just the beginning and I am excited about what is to come!!

Currently Tumeric is available for us to order through our doTERRA accounts from America and Yarrow/Pom will be available December.  I am hopeful that both of these products will come to Australia at our convention May 2019.

If you too would like to add this tool to your toolbox contact me to chat. I am here to help.