I’m excited that you have expressed an interest in building your DoTERRA business.

I am here to support you through this journey. This page is to give you some useful links where you can learn more and some critical information when building your business.

If you do not yet have your doTERRA wholesale account click here to sort that first.

Please have a look through the information below and complete the exercises. Please also contact me to book in regular mentor calls and to book your first workshop.

Have a look at each of the tabs below, watch the videos and complete the exercises. The goal is to have you up and running and earning as soon as possible.

We have two business Facebook groups Sharing From the Heart (my team business page) and Business with Essential Oils (Empower Page). You will have been added to these (and if not ask me to add you). Have a browse as there is some great information there.

The training system we follow as a team is the Empower Success programme. This can be found at I recommend that you:

  • download and read the Live Guide. If you have not yet had a wellness consult with your enroller, book one in as that is a great way to learn to do them yourself.
  • download and read the Share Guide. This provides a great outline for hosting workshops and is a good guide initially for yourself and then in time to give to those who wish to host workshops for you.
  • download and read the Build Guide. Complete the action steps at the end.
  • download the Launch Guide and arrange a time with me to work through it.

Empower yourself to take care of your own health. Four great apps to download are

  • Modern Essentials (approx $10),
  • Essential Emotions Resource (approx $10),
  • Doterra Daily Drop (free), and
  • Droplii (free – my gift to you)

These apps are inexpensive and provide oils for many issues. This means that you yourself do not need to know everything to get started sharing! Use these tools wisely!

Become familiar with compliance. The Product Information Pages (PIPs) for each product on include the information that we can use in written communications. Have a browse and let me know any questions.

We also have a compliance Facebook page to support us.

Set up your Loyalty Rewards Order. To earn commissions you must have a 100pv LRP order process each month and you must at all times have a 100pv LRP template set up in the system. Do not at any stage let your order drop below 100pv.

For more information on setting up and editing your LRP check out this link. This also then opens up FREE oils!! For information on how you can get amazing free products just by placing this monthly order click on this link.

Order an Empower Kit through your back office (type empower in the search bar). The kit includes all paperwork needed to do a workshop and enrol people as well as ten 5ml wild orange oils to gift to new members. The Empower Kit is the basis of our Introduction Workshop. We can chat more about this.

The backbone of our business is creating PIPES to financial freedom. PIPES stands for Prepare, Invite, Present, Enrol and Support. I have developed a video series that I suggest you watch. Click on each link to watch the videos.






We all like to know how we will be paid when we start a new venture. I have put together this video on the compensation plan. I can explain this to you in more detail when you are ready.

I will be here beside you every step of the way supporting you to grow an amazing business that will bring you all that you want it to. Have a look through the above, watch the videos, complete the exercises and contact me to book in mentoring as well as your first workshop.

Again, the sincerest welcome to our doTERRA family. Let’s make a real difference!

Here’s to balance in all aspects of life.

Thanks, Kirsten