Real Estate Agent Beginners Kit


The Real Estate Beginners Kit comprises of a set of four 15ml bottles of CPTG Essential Oil Blends including Balance, Citrus Bliss, Purify and Elevation for those that want to experience the beautiful fragrance and benefits of these specially blended oils plus the Petal Diffuser.

Citrus Bliss – Smells clean, citrusy, and fresh. Promotes uplifted feelings and provides an energising aroma. Diffuse to boost sales and peak interest for small groups

Purify – Smells airy, herbal, and fresh. Use in homes that need help smelling clean or fresh. Helps clear the air of offensive odours caused by smoke, pets, rubbish, or other  environmental factors

Elevation – Smells refreshing, sweet, and clean.  Diffuse to bring energy and buzz to the environment

Balance – Smells earthy, and warm. Promotes feelings of calmness, grounding, and relaxation. Diffuse when expecting large crowds or when tension is high

Petal Diffuser – Runs for 4 hours. Perfect to disperse welcoming scents in your showing or in your office

It also includes wholesale membership to get 25% off all future products and support from me and my amazing team