We all want for our children to be happy and healthy. I love that we can support them using natural solutions in so many different ways. I have been using doTERRA essential oils for my family for the past four years.

These are some of the oils I use to support my family.

On Guard

This is a must in our house as my daughter is immune compromised and we therefore want to avoid bugs as much as possible. We use this in the diffuser to kill airborne pathogens, we use it in cleaning sprays to keep surfaces clean, we use it in hand sanitiser and we use it topically to support our immune systems.

Lavender Peace

This is known as our restful blend and it is a wonderful oil to use to support a good nights sleep. We all know what kids (and adults) are like who do not get enough sleep!! A couple of drops of this in the diffuser ensures my two go to sleep quick, stay asleep and wake feeling refreshed. This is a blend of different calming oils such as lavender, marjoram, cedarwood, and more.


Pure lavender is another oil that is fabulous for calming. We also like to use it to help soothe bites and burns. I carry a bottle in my bag for the bites that often happen playing at the park.


Do your children experience growing pains? My daughter experienced cramps and pains when on medication for her nephrotic syndrome. We found by giving her a back and leg rub with aromatouch in a nice carrier oil she was able to sleep without being woken by the pains.

Wild Orange and Peppermint

These two oils blend together fabulously to give an energy boost. Great for in the mornings to give the kids a kick start to get ready for school or after school in the diffuser when they need to do their homework.

My favourite ways to use them are either in the diffuser or diluted and used topically on their skin. We always dilute with a carrier oil when we use on the skin to reduce skin sensitivities and ensure safety. I love the touch range that doTERRA does that are all pre diluted rollers. While I can make my own, these are perfect to just chuck in the hand bag.

If you do not yet have doTERRA essential oils in your home the best way to get started is with one of our starter kits. These provide best value for money and a variety of oils to get started with. My favourite kit is the Nature’s Solutions kit. It is perfect to support your family, reduce toxins in your home, replace everyday products and live green and clean. Another popular option is the Home Essentials kit with our ten most popular oils and a diffuser. All you need to do is add a carrier oil (FCO).

To get started and join my team of people with oils in their home click here.

There are no obligations once you have your oils and there are fabulous opportunities to earn free oils. Once you have your oils I will do a free one hour consult to run through how to use them safely for you and your family as well as inviting you to our VIP members group and our FREE two week online training (should you want this)

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Below are some of the favourite blends I like to use with my children.