It’s not long now and our children will be heading to school, for some for the first time. This can be an exciting time for some and an apprehensive time for others. I am talking both for the children and for their parents!!

For our children to enjoy school and to make the most of it there are three things that really help:

  • The ability to remain balanced and calm and also to sleep well
  • The ability to focus and concentrate
  • A good immune system

Below I will cover how we can support our children in each of these areas and why they are important.

The ability to remain balanced and calm

When children are anxious or stressed or do not get a good nights sleep it can adversely affect their ability to enjoy school. The following roller blend is a gorgeous blend to help to support your children through this and to help them to remain balanced and calm.

The warm, woody aroma of doTERRA Balance Grounding Blend creates a sense of calm and relaxation.

doTERRA Lavender Peace combines essential oils renowned for their ability to soothe the senses and calm emotions.

Together these oils aid the ability to remain calm and balanced. By mixing them with Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) in a roller bottle they can be popped in a pocket or pencil case and used on the wrists, neck and bottoms of feet when anxious, stressed or at bedtime.

These are also great oils to diffuse to create calm.

The ability to focus and concentrate

When children have energy and can focus and concentrate they can listen and learn. As this is what they are at school for lets give them the best chance for this!

Wild Orange and Peppermint together is a well trusted blend to help with energy, focus and concentration.  This is another great one to put in a roller bottle diluted with FCO so it can be used whenever it is required. Great places to use this are on the back of the neck and the wrists.

As this blend contains citrus it is photosensitive meaning skin can burn easier so apply on skin not exposed to the sun.

This is also a great blend to diffuse, particularly when doing homework.

A good immune system

A good immune system means that children can spend as much time at school as possible learning. It also means that parents are not having to take sick days from work to look after them. Win/Win.

My children used to always get sick going back to school after the big summer holidays when exposed to new children and new bugs.

This blend is a good one to support the immune system daily so that the body can fight off unwanted germs.

Make in a roller diluted with FCO and apply to the bottoms of the feet at bedtime for daily immunity support.

This is also a great blend to diffuse to rid the house or classroom of airborne pathogens.

Each of these blends can also be used to support the adults in the family. We can all benefit from being relaxed and sleeping well, having lots of energy and a great immune system.

If you would like to get your hands on these stunning, pure, ethically sourced, sustainable, essential oil based products head here. If you want to chat more about your specific needs and the perfect starter oils for you contact me.