Four years ago I decided that I wanted to change my life. I wanted more time with my children. I wanted to be able to go to school carnivals and excursions without worrying about whether I could get the time off work. I wanted to be there at home for them when they were unwell. I wanted to show them the world.

With my doTERRA business I have achieved all of that and more! Just over a year ago I quit my J.O.B and became funemployed. Do I still work hard – hell yeah. But I set my own hours, when and where I want to work.

This year I have been parent help at my son’s excursion. I have been to all of the athletics days. I have helped the PE teacher do a lesson in baseball skills. I have been in hospital by my daughter’s side for a week. I have taken her to an academic extension programme for half a day a week. I have been there.

Next week, as a family, we are travelling to America! We are all super excited. Three and a half weeks adventuring together!! Living our dreams. We will go to a baseball game, to Disneyland, to an American football game, to the Grand Canyon, to Yosemite, to global convention, to all the places we have been dreaming of.

My doTERRA income has payed for every single cent of this trip!!

This is why I do what I do!! To have FREEDOM! To spend my life as I chose. To be there for my children. To adventure as a family.

Thank you doTERRA.

If you too would like to experience this, if you want time freedom, if you are not afraid of hard work but want to do it on your own terms in your own time then have a read of this page and get in touch.

Life a life of balance!! Life is for living