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A to Z of essential oils Cedarwood Cedarwood is a wonderful oil to use for sleep. It has a relaxing soothing aroma and has been proven to naturally increase the body's melatonin levels - our sleep hormone. Cedarwood evokes feelings of wellness and vitality. Cedarwood...

Top 6 Natural Products for Camping

Do you love camping, but dislike some of the toxic things that go with it like nasty insect repellents? Read on to find out what I use when we go camping. As a family we went away for ten days camping over Christmas and New Years. There was no phone coverage, total...


A to Z of Essential Oils Cassia A close relative to Cinnamon, Cassia has a strong, spicy aroma. Cassia promotes healthy digestion and supports a healthy immune function. It also promotes circulation and helps soothe sore achy joints. Cassia is a hot oil and should...