I empower women to go from burnout to balance

Physically, emotionally and financially using natural solutions.

I support Mums to support their children through a serious illness.

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Why work with me….. Clue… it’s all about YOU

My amazing essential oils team has recently expanded into a new level within doTERRA. We became a Platinum team. This was a great achievement. It was the result of many working together as a team, yet carrying out their business in their own unique way. For in our...

Back to School

It's not long now and our children will be heading to school, for some for the first time. This can be an exciting time for some and an apprehensive time for others. I am talking both for the children and for their parents!! For our children to enjoy school and to...


A to Z of essential oils Cedarwood Cedarwood is a wonderful oil to use for sleep. It has a relaxing soothing aroma and has been proven to naturally increase the body's melatonin levels - our sleep hormone. Cedarwood evokes feelings of wellness and vitality. Cedarwood...